What Are The Latest Tata Sky Online Recharge Pack Coming Up With 730 Days Pack?

tata sky online recharge newWhy should you go for recharging again and again? When you can get rid of this issue by choosing the 730 days validity pack. Do not you know about it?  It is time to chuck the inconvenience and go with the best way to stay stress free. Take a look –

What Are The 730 Days Validity Tata Sky Online Recharge Pack

Price Validity Plan Name
13650 730 Days Platinum SD
14490 730 Days Platinum South SD
16170 730 Days Platinum HD
16905 730 Days Platinum South HD
  • The Platinum SD pack is available at MRP 13650 having validity of a total number of 730 days. This pack comes up with a total number of 463 channel & services. Moreover, customers can also enjoy 461 SD Cannels and Tata Sky Darshan. Apart from all this, you can also have the Tata Sky Bollywood Premier without any additional charges. According to this Tata Sky Online Recharge pack, you will be able to have a total number of 5 to 20 free showcase movies.
  • The Platinum South HD pack comes up with 730 days validity available at MRP 14490. According to the South SD pack, you will be able to have a total number of 487 channels & services. This enjoy also make you able to enjoy 5 to 20 free showcase movies. In this pack, you will also have some more movies pack including 485 SD Channels and Tata Sky Darshan. Apart from it, Tata Sky Bollywood Premier will also be there.
  • The next one on the list is Platinum HD available at MRP 16170 having validity of 730 days. Here, you will also get 462 SD Channels and 85 HD Channels. Moreover, customers will also have Tata Sky Darshan and Tata Sky Bollywood Premiere. You will be able to enjoy 5 to 20 free showcase movies. This is great enough to make you go crazy.
  • And the last one is Platinum south HD Tata Sky Online Recharge available at 730 days which comes up at MRP 16905.  The platinum pack brings a total number of 578 channels & service. Apart from it, you will also have 486 SD Channels and 92 HD Channels. This also brings Tata Sky Darshan and Tata Sky Bollywood Premier. Having this pack means you will able to enjoy 5 to20 free showcase movies.

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How Can You Save Getting The Annual Sun Direct Online Recharge Pack?

sun direct online rechargeAre you looking for the Sun Direct recharge pack that is popular a lot these days? Do you wish to have some new recharge pack so you can have the different experience? The coveted company loves surprising its customers and that is why coming up with the list of great pack and validity.

Sun Direct Online Recharge Packs You Must Not Miss

  • The SD+ Tamil Economy Pack comes up with the validity of 30 days. It is available at just MRP 159.
  • The next one is SD + Tamil Economy Pack at MRP 318. The validity of this pack is 60 days which id enough to enjoy your best channels. It is an ideal choice to go for the intellectual folk.
  • If you have been looking for some more validity pack then it would be good to go with the SD+ Tamil Economy Pack. Here, you get the validity of 90 days. This pack is available at MRP 477.
  • To get indulged with the best Sun Direct Online Recharge pack, SD + Tamil Economy Pack having validity of 180 days is also right option to go. This pack is available at MRP 954.
  • The latest recharge pack is also hold another popular one called SD + Tamil Economy Pack with the validity of 365 days. This pack is available at MRP 1905.

The Popular Annual Sun Direct Online Recharge Pack 

If you do not wish to get indulged with any sorts of monthly or quarter based recharge pack, then annual plan will be good to go.

Price Validity Description Saving


365 days


HD Supreme Kannada Super Value (HD) : 222 + Channels Save 698 Rs


365 days


SD+ REST OF INDIA Mega Pack : 210 + Channels Save 648 Rs




365 days


HD Supreme Tamil Super Value (HD) : 224 + Channels Save 698 Rs
  • The HD Supreme Value plus ROI (HD) comes up with a package of 194 + Channels where the customers can go for saving a wide chuck of 691 Rs. This pack is available at MRP 3881 having validity of 365 days.
  • The next one on the list is SD+ Tamil Mega Pack having a total number of 210 + Channels. Getting this recharge pack can make you able to save a wide chuck of Rs 648. This is annually pack so you do not have to go and recharge again and again. The annual pack of this recharge pack is MRP 3900.

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How Can You Get the Dish TV Recharge Done Most Conveniently?

Today, DTH recharge is no more an issue with the emergence of the online recharge platforms. These recharge platforms have made mobile and DTH recharges a cakewalk. You do not need to go to the retailer every time and you can do the recharge even in the odd hours. And if you are looking for the best and the most profitable channel packs, switch on to DishTV.

About the company

DishTV, a division of Zee Entertainment Enterprises, is the largest Direct to Home (DTH) television operator in India. It uses MPEG 4, DVB S2, and MPEG 2 digital compression technology. It was launched on 2nd October 2003 and has its headquarters in Noida. Apart from India, it offers its services to many other Asian countries. You also get the facility of online Dish TV Recharge by visiting the popular recharge portals.

Avail the facility of Dish TV Online Recharge

DishTV has provided the Indian viewers a whole new experience of digital entertainment. Other than offering premium picture and sound quality, it offers a wide variety of channel packages to the subscribers to choose from. And this is not all, the subscribers can also customize their channel packs as per their preference. So, go for online Dish TV Recharge today.

Offering profitable packs to serve you better

DishTV offers you standard definition (SD) packs, high definition (HD) packs, and Add-On packs at an affordable price range. While going for Dish TV Online Recharge, choose any of the packs that suits your requirement and proceed to recharge. Some of the popular channel packs are mentioned below:

Packs Amount No. of channels
Bharat Pack Rs.85 per month 185+ channels and services
Swagat Rs.160 per month 210+ channels and services
Super Family Rs.240 per month 337+ channels and services
World Pack Rs.380 per month 400+ channels and services
Titanium Rs.475 per month 418+ channels and services

Visit rechargeADDA for Dish TV Recharge

This popular recharge portal offers you the easiest and the most convenient way to get the DTH recharge done from anywhere and at any time. If you are having any smart device and an internet connection, you can do the online recharge even in the most unearthly hours and from the remotest areas. You will find the latest recharge plans on this portal and browse through them before making your choice. You can make the payment through a credit card, debit card, net banking, or digital wallet. And the best part is you can avail the amazing services of rechargeADDA at free of cost. So, visit this portal at the earliest and recharge your DTH connection.

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How To Watch The Latest Dish TV Recharge To Enjoy Movie Without Stepping Home?

Dish tv recharge (2)Watching movies a great stress buster therapy and no one wishes to miss this thing to unwind. But what if you do not wish to head theater to do all this?  No need to feel low, Dish TV is here to bring happiness to you at your doorstep. Have a look –

What Is Dish TV Recharge Of  “Chhota Parda, Bada Premiere”

Yes!!! You can get showered with happiness. It is time to catch the favorite and the biggest Bollywood Blockbusters, on your TV without confronting any issue. To put in simple words, you can enjoy your favorite movie at home as same as having the theater feeling.

  • With this “Chhota Parda, Bada Premiere” recharge pack, you can enjoy a lot ever Friday at the reasonable prices. You can enjoy advertisement free movie on TV.
  • No need to get worried even if you miss any movie. The best thing is that with this Dish TV Online Recharge pack, you can enjoy the repeat telecast every Sunday in respect of movie marathon.
  • What’s more, if you miss any movie during the week, catch a repeat telecast every Sunday during the movie marathon. This Dish TV DTH Recharge pack has become popular among the movie goers as now they can enjoy the latest and their favorite movie without stepping out the comfort zone.
  • It is available on channel no. 351 paying just 55* per month. Ordering for this service, you just need to give a missed call on 18002741100 from your mobile. It will take less time to get recharged. This Dish TV Recharge will definitely make you get filled with happiness.

What Dish TV Online Recharge Active Service

Chuck the stress and go with the best entertainment experience with Dish Tv. Saying would not wrong it is a great way to go ahead. It is time to add an extra spark to your entertainment thing since you can enjoy your desired music that can make you at peace.

All sorts of entertainment things are available here like you can play your favorite game, enjoy comedy, kids’ things, and spiritual stuff and so on. Check it out the best Dish TV Recharge packs suitable for all sorts of customer whether it is kid or adult.

Type Channel Benefits
Playing TV Channel Number 967 20 Exciting Game and 2 Game Every months
Kids Active Channel Number 969 MRP 25 Per Month
Disney Active Service Channel Number 966 MRP 35 Per Month
Game Active Channel Number 965 MRP 35 Per Month
Comedy Active Channel Number 131 MRP 35 Per Month

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What Are The Sun Direct Recharge Special 4 Channels Service?

sun direct dth recharge 3 (2)Sun Direct has made our life totally changed since it unearths a wide array of channels to make you get indulged with the happiness. After getting tired, you just need to watch something of your favorite.

Here, we are going to mention something that worth. What about the special channels and why Mega Sun Direct Recharge Pack is quite different.  If you are movie lover and do not wish to skip any movie, you are at the right place.

What About The Sun Direct DTH Recharge Special Channels 

As the best platform, SUN DIRECT DTH is here with a gigantic range of television packages. The motto of catering the best makes them the best at the forefront. For the movie goers, there is a lot to get showered.

It seems essential to mention that Sun Direct Recharge DTH comes up with a great collection as 4 exclusive movie service including Cinema Club, 1Comedy Service, 1 action movie channel are available without advertisement. And the fourth one you can choose on your own from the list mentioned below –

  • Telugu Cinema Club
  • Kannada Cinema Club
  • Tamil Cinema Club
  • Surya Action
  • Malayalam Cinema Club

Why Should You Choose Mega Sun Direct DTH Online Recharge Pack 

Mega Pack is here to make you go crazy since it comes up with a total number of 211 channels. The prices varies from duration to duration. For example, if you go for 12 months then you have to pay MRP 5290 while only MRP 1990 for 1 months. In short, get Sun Direct Recharge done is a right choice.

 It is up to that by which pack you wish to go since they all are available at the reasonable prices and will not put burden to your pocket. It is called Mega pack as it contains a wide chunk of channels so you would not stay away from your favorite one.

Pack Name Channels Price For 12 Months Price For 6 Months Price For 3 Months Price For 1 Months
Mega Pack 211 + Channels 5290 3190 2490 1990

Apart from it, the best Sun direct is here to impart the best online Sun Direct DTH Online Recharge along with flexible options through mobile.  Getting recharge is too easy here. Say no to any sorts of issues and this company is here with the best recharges pack to make you get showered with happiness.

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How to Enjoy the Festive Season with Chumbak Coupons?

Chumbak was founded in 2010 as a shop for selling fun souvenirs for Indians but now, it has grown into a popular e-commerce store covering a wide range of products.

Shower of offers

Chumbak offers some amazing facilities to its customers. These facilities include Chumbak coupons and various other deals, which are discussed below:

  • With the sale season going on, you get up to 70% off on almost everything. But as this offer is for a limited time period, you are advised to make the most of it without any delay.
  • Choose from the trending section of bags and wallets, crockery, and footwear and get up to 50% off on these products.
  • Apply the Chumbak coupon code and get additional discounts.

A variety of items to choose from

Chumbak features a number of items. Use the Chumbak coupons and grab these items at affordable rates. The range of items include:

  • Clothing: Choose from the exclusive range of top-wear, such as tees, tunics, tank tops, dresses, and bottom wear, such as skirts and leggings.
  • Bags, wallets, and travel: Whether you need a tote bag, a sling bag, a backpack, or a wallet, you can get everything here. You can get a wide range of travel accessories, such as travel pillows, passport holders, etc.
  • Fashion accessories: Fashion accessories, such as phone cases, jewelry, watches, and footwear are available here.
  • Décor: Go through the exclusive range of home décor items, such as clocks, wall hangings, bath ware, figurines, and artificial flowers.
  • Dining: The range of dining includes coffee mugs, jars, serve ware, and crockery.
  • Gifting: There are numbers of gifting options available, depending on various occasions.

Terms and policies

  • Refund:If you are not satisfied with the quality of the product you get the policy of easy return, under which, you can return the product, and the full amount will be refunded to your account.
  • Free shipping: You get the facility of free shipping, where the items will be delivered to your doorstep, without costing anything additional.

Apart from these benefits, you are also provided with Chumbak cashback, which adds to your savings. Apply the Chumbak coupon code and avail great discounts on the already slashed price.

Shop any item at Chumbak and get extra cashback

Chumbak cashback is provided to every customer. In addition to that, if you choose any item, such as hand bags, phone cases, home décor, crockery, coffee mugs, fridge magnets,and lots more, you get Rs.80 cashback from rechargeADDA.

Make use of the Chumbak coupons and enjoy the festive bonanza. In addition to these exciting deals, when you shop at Chumbak and pay via rechargeADDA, you are provided with various benefits, which include cashback that can be redeemed later for online recharges and bill payments.

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What Are The Advantage Of “Compare Package” While Doing Tata Sky Online Recharge?

tata sky dth rechargeTata Sky is a coveted company, has always been quite popular among the people. Though it has always been favorite many of you but now it is going to introduce you something new to bring a broad grin on your face. Yes!!! You got right since DTH is all set to fetch more flexibility while you choose channels that you want to watch.

TruChoice Tata Sky Online Recharge comes up with the best genre-based DTH packages which has been designed especially keeping customers’ needs and requirement. Saying would not wrong that it will surely make your life a bit more convenience as it brings you out of dilemma that what to choose and why.

 Using TruChoice, one can choose from a variety of Tata Sky Dth Recharge Base Packs, Regional Packs, Add-On Packs, Tata Sky Services Packs and Specials to take you to another world while watching TV. Now, say NO to confusion as these packs is true amalgamation that you have always been want since a long time. It will surely going to suit to your tastes.

Advantage Of Comparing The Packages

Now, the point is that how and why to compare while buying Tata Sky Dth Recharge Online. Let’s check it out.

  • If you are confused what to choose in between two, choose them and press COMPARE PACKAGE to see the prominent difference. Here, you will come across what TV channel you will get and what not.
  • Comparing Tata Sky Dth Recharge Package is a good option offered by the company showing its loyalty towards customers so one can easily know which one would be right to choose and which not.

Since a variety of packages available, it has always been tough to choose the right one. When we do not choose the right one, it also lead towards inconvenience.

Why Say Yes To “Make My Pack” Tata Sky Dth Recharge Online

In case, you are living individually and do not need any of this kind of amalgamated package then MAKE MY PACK would be right for you. Here, you get opportunity to choose only the channels that you wish to watch. It means pay for what that you desire to watch. Tata Sky Online Recharge option is available so you do not need to go out or confront any issues.

RechargeAdda is here to make online recharge a bit easy for you. There is no need to wander since the best platform is here.

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