How To Watch The Latest Dish TV Recharge To Enjoy Movie Without Stepping Home?

Dish tv recharge (2)Watching movies a great stress buster therapy and no one wishes to miss this thing to unwind. But what if you do not wish to head theater to do all this?  No need to feel low, Dish TV is here to bring happiness to you at your doorstep. Have a look –

What Is Dish TV Recharge Of  “Chhota Parda, Bada Premiere”

Yes!!! You can get showered with happiness. It is time to catch the favorite and the biggest Bollywood Blockbusters, on your TV without confronting any issue. To put in simple words, you can enjoy your favorite movie at home as same as having the theater feeling.

  • With this “Chhota Parda, Bada Premiere” recharge pack, you can enjoy a lot ever Friday at the reasonable prices. You can enjoy advertisement free movie on TV.
  • No need to get worried even if you miss any movie. The best thing is that with this Dish TV Online Recharge pack, you can enjoy the repeat telecast every Sunday in respect of movie marathon.
  • What’s more, if you miss any movie during the week, catch a repeat telecast every Sunday during the movie marathon. This Dish TV DTH Recharge pack has become popular among the movie goers as now they can enjoy the latest and their favorite movie without stepping out the comfort zone.
  • It is available on channel no. 351 paying just 55* per month. Ordering for this service, you just need to give a missed call on 18002741100 from your mobile. It will take less time to get recharged. This Dish TV Recharge will definitely make you get filled with happiness.

What Dish TV Online Recharge Active Service

Chuck the stress and go with the best entertainment experience with Dish Tv. Saying would not wrong it is a great way to go ahead. It is time to add an extra spark to your entertainment thing since you can enjoy your desired music that can make you at peace.

All sorts of entertainment things are available here like you can play your favorite game, enjoy comedy, kids’ things, and spiritual stuff and so on. Check it out the best Dish TV Recharge packs suitable for all sorts of customer whether it is kid or adult.

Type Channel Benefits
Playing TV Channel Number 967 20 Exciting Game and 2 Game Every months
Kids Active Channel Number 969 MRP 25 Per Month
Disney Active Service Channel Number 966 MRP 35 Per Month
Game Active Channel Number 965 MRP 35 Per Month
Comedy Active Channel Number 131 MRP 35 Per Month

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to say yes to RechargeADDA to get showered with happiness. This kind of Dish TV DTH Recharge is all set to make you get showered with happiness.

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How These Four Vodafone Recharge Packs Can Make You Super Excited?

vodafone prepaid offers newVodafone has always been a great reason to rule over many heart. Here, we are going introduce something that will definitely make you “Super” excited. Are you quite excited to know more about it, here you need to go through the whole content?

What Are The 4 Super Pack To Get Excited

These super Vodafone Prepaid Offers pack can be categorized into four type. And they are being mentioned below. The best thing is that they all are available at the low price and not going to put burden on your pocket at any rate.

Type Benefit Price
Super Hour Unlimited Data For 1 Hour MRP 16
Super Night Unlimited Data From 1AM – 6PM MRP 6
Super Day Unlimited Data Vodafone Calls + 100MB Data  for 1 Day MRP 16
Super Week Unlimited Vodafone Calls and 250 MB For 7 Days MRP 16

How To Stay Be Super With Super Vodafone Recharge

Vodafone is here to surprise you with its incredible recharge plans. And you may not believe that unlimited data and voice prepaid packs are available at just Rs. 16. What can be a great thing that you can save a wide chunk going with these recharge pack?

  • Super Hour:  This pack is here with its best Vodafone Prepaid Offers. Going with it means you are can enjoy truly unlimited Data for 1 hour and it would be anytime. It means you do not need to stress about that how you would be able to pay that wide chunk.
  • Super Night: To have a great conversation with your loved one, you can go for saying yes to Super Night Vodafone Prepaid Recharge so, you will be able to enjoy truly unlimited data in between 1 AM – 6 AM. It means now you can have a long talk without thinking that you have to pay more.
  • Super Day: Why should you pay more in day to get connected to the world when the super day pack is available? This super Day Vodafone Prepaid Offers comes up with unlimited Vodafone calls Upto 100MB Data that you can use for 24 hours.
  • Super Week:  What about week? Yes!!! It can be great since you can have unlimited Vodafone calls as well as upto 250 MB Data for the next 7 days. It is a great offer to say yes.

RechargeADDA is here to make you get indulged with the best Vodafone Recharge offers since we believe in making recharging your phone easy. Just let us know which one you wish to get recharged and get your recharge done within no time without coming across any issue.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to say “Yes” to the amazing Vodafone Prepaid Recharge packs available at modest prices.

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What Are The Sun Direct Recharge Special 4 Channels Service?

sun direct dth recharge 3 (2)Sun Direct has made our life totally changed since it unearths a wide array of channels to make you get indulged with the happiness. After getting tired, you just need to watch something of your favorite.

Here, we are going to mention something that worth. What about the special channels and why Mega Sun Direct Recharge Pack is quite different.  If you are movie lover and do not wish to skip any movie, you are at the right place.

What About The Sun Direct DTH Recharge Special Channels 

As the best platform, SUN DIRECT DTH is here with a gigantic range of television packages. The motto of catering the best makes them the best at the forefront. For the movie goers, there is a lot to get showered.

It seems essential to mention that Sun Direct Recharge DTH comes up with a great collection as 4 exclusive movie service including Cinema Club, 1Comedy Service, 1 action movie channel are available without advertisement. And the fourth one you can choose on your own from the list mentioned below –

  • Telugu Cinema Club
  • Kannada Cinema Club
  • Tamil Cinema Club
  • Surya Action
  • Malayalam Cinema Club

Why Should You Choose Mega Sun Direct DTH Online Recharge Pack 

Mega Pack is here to make you go crazy since it comes up with a total number of 211 channels. The prices varies from duration to duration. For example, if you go for 12 months then you have to pay MRP 5290 while only MRP 1990 for 1 months. In short, get Sun Direct Recharge done is a right choice.

 It is up to that by which pack you wish to go since they all are available at the reasonable prices and will not put burden to your pocket. It is called Mega pack as it contains a wide chunk of channels so you would not stay away from your favorite one.

Pack Name Channels Price For 12 Months Price For 6 Months Price For 3 Months Price For 1 Months
Mega Pack 211 + Channels 5290 3190 2490 1990

Apart from it, the best Sun direct is here to impart the best online Sun Direct DTH Online Recharge along with flexible options through mobile.  Getting recharge is too easy here. Say no to any sorts of issues and this company is here with the best recharges pack to make you get showered with happiness.

Choose RechargeADDA to get your Sun Direct DTH Recharge done without confronting any issues. We are here with the best team to serve you at the reasonable prices.

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How Idea Is Coming Up With Best Business Services Apart From Idea Recharge Plans?

idea recharge plansDo not you get time to have great conversation with your loved ones in day since you are on work? Or the reason can be it is too costly? Well!!! Whatever it is, we are here to bring a great news to you so that you can have a long conversation without putting extra burden to your pocket. Idea already rules over hearts because of amazing pack like Night Pack.

Idea Recharge Plans Night Pack 

This pack has been designed especially for the folk love talking in night to their loved one. It does not matter if you love to go with Data, SMS and Voice, since all sorts of Idea Prepaid Offers night pack are available here. Take a look –

Category MRP Benefit Validity (Nights)
Data 7 400MB 2G Data, 1 Night 1Night
SMS 7 75 Local / National SMS 1 Night
Voice 7 Unlimited I2I Local calls 1 Night

How Idea Is More Than Idea Recharge Plans

The thing cannot be ignored that they are putting best efforts to bridge the gap between customers and company. For bring your business in the spotlight, it also unveils some Business Enterprise Solutions including Voice Based Services, Location Based Service and Connectivity based services.

  • Location Based Service is something that proves that Idea is doggedly engaged to impart the best service apart from introducing various types of Idea Prepaid Offers. Yes!!! It is true. Entrepreneurs looking for the best service can say YES to it. The motto of introducing this service is help the entrepreneurs to lift up the productivity getting the best remote workforce.
  • Field Force Automation service is something made a great buzz at the forefront. Businesses are using it on a great scale to get benefited. The best thing is that you do not need think that Idea Prepaid recharge is only thing making Idea high in demand among the customers.
  • Idea voice service is dedicated to conferencing solutions so customers can get the best, simple and cost-effective service. It means now your location will not be an issues. The fact cannot be ignored that Idea is catering the best Idea Recharge Plans as well best business plans to add a great spark to your business.

RechargeADDA is here to bring you out of recharge related issue. You don’t have to get confounded at all as the best group is good to go to uncover the best Idea Prepaid before you. You don’t have to mull over a considerable measure as we generally present you the best. All in all, what are you sitting tight for? The time has come to go for that without examining that much.

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How to Save More with Airtel Postpaid Mobile Bill Payment?

airtel postpaid bill payment new (2)

Airtel has been ruling the telecom industry for many years because it always stays ahead of its competitors by bringing in new plans at affordable rates, which keeps its customers always satisfied and happy. The introduction of these offers at such incredibly low rates is the reason why customers flock towards Airtel.

Forget about standing in queues for Airtel Postpaid bill payment

Now, there is no need to run down to the retail shops and standin long queues and wait for your turn to pay your bills. With the facilities provided with Airtel postpaid mobile bill payment, get accustomed to recharging from the comfort of your home. Also, the added advantage is, you do not have to worry about missing the deadline of bill payment because you can pay your bills anytime, anywhere.

Make use of these amazing plans

By opting for online Airtel postpaid bill payment, you can avail the amazing plans, which will help you in saving a lot of money. The description of some of the plans are given below:

Name of the plan



Rs.299 1 month
  • 680 local and STD minutes
  • Unlimited incoming roaming
  • 0.6 GB data
Rs.499 1 month
  • Unlimited local and STD calls
  • Unlimited incoming roaming
  • 5 GB data

Let the customer care staff solve your worries

When you are opting for Airtel postpaid mobile bill payment, you can avail Airtel customer care service, which can be accessed from anywhere in India, and at any time. Call at any Airtel customer service phone number for enquiry of better plan offers, schemes, or to register customer grievances to the Airtel service provider. If you have any other question regarding Airtel postpaid bill payment, you can get your questions answered by the customer care executives, who are there to help you round the clock, with their service.

Additional offers for you

Get yourself an Airtel postpaid connection and revel in the benefits of Airtel postpaid mobile bill payment. Pay your bill via rechargeADDA. The payment option is easy. You can either pay by using a credit card, debit card, or you can use the internet banking. This portal is reliable and the payment methods are secured. But that is not all. There is more to the story. When you pay your bill via rechargeADDA, you are provided with cashback, which gets added to your account.

Online Airtel postpaid bill payment has many facilities. Therefore, ditch the age old method of visiting your retailer and choose the online route.

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Why Should One Go for Online Aircel Postpaid Bill Payment?

Aircel pospaid bill paymentThe number of Aircel subscribers is increasing day by day due to the impressive network connectivity, profitable postpaid plans, and commendable customer care services offered by Aircel. If you are not yet aware of the benefits of Aircel postpaid connection, go for it and witness the difference by yourself.

Postpaid bill payment has never been this easy

Are you tired of standing in long queues in front of your retailer’s shop for paying your postpaid mobile bills? Relax, now you do not have to take all that trouble anymore. Avail the online Aircel postpaid bill payment option and save yourself from all the worries. Whether you are traveling, or holidaying with your family, or busy in office, or simply relaxing at home, you can make your Aircel postpaid mobile bill payment online, anytime and from anywhere as per your convenience.

Varieties of gainful postpaid plans offered by Aircel

Aircel understands the varied needs of the subscribers and so, it has come up with a number of profitable postpaid plans offering many benefits. You can choose the one that suits you best. Given below are some Aircel postpaid plans:

Plans (Amount) Particulars of Plan Benefits Validity
Super Value @ 199: Rs.199 500 local and STD minutes, 200 local/national SMS 30 days
Super Value @ 249: Rs.249 650 local and STD minutes, 300 local/national SMS 30 days
India One 299 Plan: Rs.299 Free 600 local/national minutes 30 days
Simple Value 499: Rs.499 1400 free airtime minutes (Local/STD/On Net Roaming), 2500 free SMS (local + national),up to 2 GB free data per month 30 days
Simple Value 799: Rs.799 2200 free airtime minutes (local/STD/on net roaming), 2500 free SMS (local + national), free unlimited data per month 30 days

Login to rechargeADDA for Aircel Postpaid bill payment

If you are looking for the most convenient option for your postpaid mobile bill payment, register to the online platforms like rechargeADDA today. This online platform provides you the facility of Aircel postpaid mobile bill payment from the comfort of your seat within no time. You just need to follow a simple process comprising of three easy steps and your bill payment is done. First, you have to login to the portal and enter your postpaid number. Then, you need to choose the operator name (Aircel). Then, enter the bill amount and finally, proceed to payment. You can make the online Aircel postpaid bill payment using your credit or debit card, digital wallet, or net banking.

The fastest and most secure option of Aircel Postpaid bill payment

The online transactions done using these portals are fast and the payment gateways are absolutely secure. Privacy of your details are ensured and are inaccessible without your permission. So, for fast and hassle-free Aircel postpaid mobile bill payment, choose the online services always.

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How the Bookmyshow Deals Prove to Be Worthwhile?

bookmyshow coupons new

Watching movies every weekend is a very common phenomenon. Most people love to watch movies and so, the demand for movie tickets is ever rising. Today, like all other online services, people enjoy the facility of booking movie tickets online with the help of service providers like BookMyShow. At BookMyShow, you can effortlessly book tickets for movies, events, plays, music shows, and sports, anytime and from anywhere. BookMyShow serves over 20 million customers in more than 400 cities across 4 countries and provides tickets for over 4000 screens worldwide. It sells more than 10 million tickets every month, such huge is its customer base.

Enjoy hassle-free ticket bookings at BookMyShow

Gone are the days when people had to stand and wait for hours in long queues in front of the movie theatres to buy tickets. In this Digital Age, the online services have made life easy and save a lot of time. Whether you want to watch a movie or a play or a concert or any sports events, BookMyShow is always there to provide you tickets and allow you to get discounts by offering Bookmyshow Coupons.

Grab the exciting Bookmyshow Deals

Bookmyshow offers various lucrative deals that prove to be very beneficial for the customers. Bookmyshow and the banks associated with it offer profitable discount deals to the customers. By availing the Bookmyshow Coupons, you can get discounts on the prices of show tickets and make great savings on ticket bookings.

Some of them are as follows:

Bank/Digital Wallet Details of Discounts/Offers
HDFC Times Cards Get flat 20% discount
ICICI Credit/Debit Cards Buy 1 ticket and get the 2nd one free
Citibank Debit Cards Buy 1 ticket and get 1 free

Availability of BookMyShow cashback offer

Rewarding cashbacks and promo codes are also offered by BookMyShow. These cashback and discount offers make your BookMyShow experience more contenting and worthwhile. Its customer care services are also very impressive. Mentioned below are some lucrative Bookmyshow Deals

Tickets category Offer/Discount details
Book sports, play, and other events tickets Get attractive discounts
Movie tickets Buy 1 get 1 free
Buy non-movie tickets VISA Infinite Offers: get 20% off

Tempting Blockbuster Deal: Book movie tickets at BookMyShow and earn cashback

Other than the Bookmyshow Coupons, there are alluring cashbacks, which you can acquire by logging into rechargeADDA. Book movie tickets at BookMyShow via this cashback site at discounted prices and also, earn extra cashback of Rs.11 as free recharge or bill payment, offered by this cashback site. What are you waiting for then? Lay your hands on this amazing cashback offer right away.

So, book show tickets at BookMyShow facilely and enjoy the weekends with family and friends.

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